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Straight Teeth

People Of Formby, Are You Looking To Straighten Your Teeth With Clear Braces In Just A Few Months?

Dr Dan Hines of Azure Dental of Formby could straighten your teeth and give you the smile you desire in just a matter of months.He use’s discreet, clear teeth braces that can be used for both adults and teenagers.

There is simply no reason to hide your smile anymore. If you look in the mirror and are embarrassed by uneven, overlapping or twisted teeth, then Azure Dental are here to help.

“100% I’d recommend you to everyone!”

If you hide your smile because of twisted and over lapping teeth please keep reading as I have a secret that will change your smile forever.

Clear Brace Straight Teeth Systems At Azure Dental Can Give You The Smile You Desire In Just A Matter Of Months!

That’s right, the smile you have always dreamed about is available in Formby and surrounding areas with our Clear Braces Systems, and you’ll be surprised, they are not as expensive as you may think!

Azure Dental wants you to have a smile that you can be proud of, and with recent scientific improvements within the world of clear and invisible braces we can make this possible for you!

The great news is you don’t have to hide your smile anymore! You too can have straight teeth today like your favourite celebrities.

You can achieve that celebrity smile in just a matter of months and all at a price you can afford.


Do you have over lapping, twisted or misaligned teeth that make you hide your smile?

If you don’t want to wear the classic orthodontic train track braces we can recommend taking a look at the following. Click on the buttons below for more.

inman aligner liverpool Invisalign Liverpool 6 months smiles Liverpool 6 months smiles Liverpool

Invisible Braces / Invisalign

Invisalign LiverpoolClear, removable, comfortable – is Invisalign for you? If you’ve ever thought about how improving your smile could help you feel more confident, Invisalign might be for you. With Invisalign, almost invisible orthodontics, you can have the smile you always wanted, without traditional metal braces with most cases being completed in under 12 months.

The treatment involves wearing custom made clear aligners for 22 hours per day, manufactured using the latest digital 3D computer technology and is virtually invisible; ensuring no-one can tell you are wearing orthodontic braces.

You can smile more during as well as after your treatment and because you can remove Invisalign you can eat and drink what you like. Studies have shown that it can be better for your dental hygiene than traditional metal braces that make cleaning your teeth more difficult. With no metal brackets or sharp edges Invisalign is extremely comfortable to wear.


Inman Aligner

inman aligner liverpoolThe Inman Aligner is designed to correct crowded front teeth. It is barely visible apart from a single clear wire, and it is removable allowing the wearer to go brace-free for important occasions.

The Inman Aligner utilises a spring that puts pressure against the back of the teeth that need repositioning and a bar that is placed across the front of the teeth to reverse the same pressure. These components work together to “squeeze” the teeth by pushing and pulling them straight.

The Inman Aligner has limitations and is only used for treating the upper or lower front incisor teeth whereas Invisalign can treat all your teeth. In most cases treatment will be completed in 12 to 18 weeks.

“Inman Aligner: Fast Acting Removable Braces”


Six Month Smiles

6 months smiles LiverpoolFixed appliances are the most commonly used orthodontic braces today, because they allow accurate positioning of the teeth and when used with the 6 Month Smiles system are some of the fastest tooth movement braces around.

Fast braces are now available with clear brackets, dramatically reducing the visibility of the braces. They are particularly popular for adults, where aesthetics are of the utmost importance. The braces are securely fixed onto the teeth and cannot be removed by the patient.

There are various systems available in our practice on the outskirts of Liverpool, ranging from the standard metal brackets to clear aesthetic brackets. Whether in your professional life or when you are out socialising, an attractive smile can make you feel happier and more relaxed – as well as making the right impression!

With 6 Month Smiles, the rapid orthodontic system we use in our Formby dental practice you will see a result in…. well, 6 months!

This is achieved with a combination of modern braces design, which encourages rapid tooth movement, and an ingenious way of aligning all the brackets and designing the appliance beforehand. This means you spend less time in the dentist’s chair and the tooth movement happens much faster than conventional braces.


Simple Lingual: Inside Of Teeth Braces

simple lingual braces FormbyAzure Dental are now offering a new system called Simple Lingual Straight Teeth, where the braces are applied to the inside of your teeth. The brackets fixed to the inside of your teeth will gently move the teeth into place quickly and discretely. No need to worry about wearing braces as nobody will know. They are totally inconspicuous!

You can enjoy the secret transformation of your smile when you look in the mirror and notice how your teeth are changing. Lingual braces are customised to your mouth which helps make them efficient, effective and less intrusive. 

Inside of teeth braces are an ideal way to straighten your teeth without people knowing.

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