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Azure Dental Formby

Azure Dental Formby
Unit 6 The Beacons
1 School Lane
Formby,  Liverpool
L37 3LN

T: 0151 559 9980 (24/7)

Meet The Team

Dan Hines and his Team
at Azure Dental, Formby

At Azure Dental, you will find all our staff well informed, friendly and sympathetic. We will make you feel at home and comfortable and make your visit as enjoyable as we can.

Dr Dan Hines

“My Family”

Hi I’m Dan Hines from Azure Dental in Formby, Liverpool. I’ve lived in Liverpool since the age of 10. Married to Becca with 2 young kids, Alex who’s 7 and Ella who is 4 and a half.

They’ve been growing up fast in Liverpool over the last few years and go to the local village school.

Alex particularly likes football and rugby and plays Saturday and Sunday in various local teams. Started on their journey into the sporting world.

Ella particularly is into girl’s hobbies and activities, especially her dolls and her dressing up.

“Why Dentistry?”

So I love dentistry because coming into the profession, I love using my hands, playing a lot of sports in the past, it was a natural progression with eye hand coordination and using those skills to be able to perform great work on my clients and patients, to achieve their goals and health and keeping teeth for life

“Why Trust Me”

So having qualified back in the Royal London Hospital, in London, back in ’99, started my career then off down onto the Isle of Wight. Spent 3 and a half, 4 years on the Isle of Wight before moving back onto the Mainland into Reading.

Spent another 4 years in Reading, further progressing and that’s where I then started to develop my more advanced skills, going on further training courses, both in the UK and to the USA. Looking out all around the world for the best people to study under and learn the skills and the technologies and the materials that are now available to provide the best care and quality for my clients.

And moving forwards then, relocated up to Manchester to work in a specialist practice over the last 7 years training under one of the top dentists in the UK.

Finally, 3 years ago the time was right to set up and take everything I’d learnt over the previous years and develop Azure Dental as it is today as a modern great clinic for the clients of Liverpool.


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